Sweet Dreams – Marylin Manson (Grazing the Sky Analysis #3)

Some of them want to abuse you

Some of them want to be abused.

Grazing the Sky trailer

If I could pick my life, have everything and anything I wanted, I would want Grazing to be an anime (produced by Bones, if you want to get specific with it).

In 2016, one of the very first things I made was a Wattpad trailer. A trailer for Grazing, that is. If I remember correctly, really reach into my mind, the story wasn’t done yet. Five years of writing and this story wasn’t done yet.

But I made the trailer, the first trailer of two. The song? None other than the Marylin Mason’s cover of “Sweet Dreams”.

So, if I had to go into the soundtrack of the anime, I would pick the spooky, haunting tune of Sweet Dreams. It’d be the first song to play, and on the first trailer as well.

Grazing the Sky is available for purchase here.