Down - Socialburn (Grazing the Sky Analysis #2)

Lance is one of my favorite characters to write, hands down.

Not only is he pretty drop-dead gorgeous (totally my type), he’s a skilled musician with troubled homelife, something that ignites that fire inside him and pushes him to excell with music. School? Not so much. School’s boring, anyway (but if there’s any kiddies reading, stay in school! You only go through it once…)

In the beginning of Grazing the Sky, we’re met with two characters: Lance and his mother, Lisa. The second chapter begins with them starting their day together with hecka tension. We are told that a fight had recently broken out between them, Lisa wanting a “better path” for her son. Something that actually paid instead of being a musician.

Lance nearly bites back when Lisa tries to guilt-trip him into apologizing first (another part of their “cycle”). He ends up agreeing to a silent treaty, and the story continues on.

Lance’s band, Carry the Creation, is influenced by a ton of artists (everything from early Being As An Ocean to Pianos Become the Teeth to Rise Against). He and his friends founded the band a few years before Grazing begins, and they’re pretty well-known around town.

I can’t really write music, so I take pre-existing songs and (in line with Grazing’s alternate dimensions) decide that some already made songs don’t exist. They have to be created somehow, so Carry the Creation makes them. From Deadsun’s Begin Again to Socialburn’s Down, Carry the Creation evolves musically over the years.

But that’s another post.

Behind Closed Doors – Rise Against

Time out, let’s stop and think this through,
We’ve all got better things to do,
A talk in circles run in place,
Answers inches from our face.”

– Behind Closed Doors, Rise Against

If I had to pick, my favorite thing about writing is this:

I love putting characters in situations they don’t understand. Whether it’s a visit from someone that comes from another dimension (Grazing the Sky) or a strange power that breaks the laws of Alchemy (Leave A Scar), there’s something just so fun about watching characters try and wrap their head around something they don’t quite have full understanding of.

For example, take this scene from my FMA fic, Leave A Scar:


The hotel room was quiet, the hands of a clock filling the silence.

I remained reading, sitting on the couch with both legs tucked underneath myself. Uncomfortable, especially for a long period of time, but the pain building from the position made me focus a little harder. Balancing the selfishness with the weak attempt at help I was offering both of them. 

At the opposite side, Ed lounging on the couch, one leg hanging off the seat’s edge, the other stretched out. His socked foot was relatively close to the leg nearest to him, my right one. I felt nervous about this; did he want us to touch? No probably not. Not with Al so close, but why would he be lounging like this if he didn’t want us to be close? Just enough to act casual? Like there was nothing between us? Was there anything between us? 

Al suddenly spoke, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I clenched the book in my hands a little harder, feeling Ed’s stare go to me. Around us, Al’s voice rang out. 

“I… I just felt something?”

Ed sat up. “What?! What’re you talking about, you felt something?”

Al stared down at the paper on the table. “I… I don’t know. I just felt… An emotion, I think.”

I searched his face, his paper. “What… What were you doing, when you felt it?”

“I… I was just writing a letter to May,” he responded. He bowed his head a little, becoming embarrassed. The hand holding the pencil tightened a little bit. “I was just telling her how much I love her.”

Ed was already trying to figure this out. He picked his other foot off from the floor, pulling both legs in to a loose sitting position, fanning out slightly. Face concentrated, searching the line in between the cushions like the answers were in between the darkness in the crack. 

“You remember that idea I had,” he began quietly, “about your body getting human experiences?”

Al nodded, hesitant. “Y-yeah.”

“Maybe… That one was powerful enough for you to feel it.”

Al looked back down to his paper. “M… Maybe… Why would it only work now, though? We’ve been writing that for months now.”

Ed looked away, down to the floor, away from me. Still concentrated. Still trying to figure this out. 

“I’m not sure, Al,” he replied. “Whatever it is, we should keep our eye on it.”


So keep running around circles, my lovelies. You’ll bump into something eventually 😉