Gold – Imagine Dragons (Grazing the Sky analysis #6)

When all that you have’s turnin’ stale and its cold,

Oh you’ll no longer fear when your heart’s turned to gold

Out of all the dozens of characters runnin’ around in my head, Kyrene (pronounced KYE-REEN) is one of the sweetest. She’s the first person we meet when diving into Zidane’s past, and at the very few, first critical moments that she is introduced, one thing is clear: she loves her son. Flaws and all, and trust me: Zidane has a lot of flaws.

But Kyrene takes everything–everything her son is, is not… Everything her entire town throws at her, from horrid insults to death threats and straight-up glares. She endured everything, right up to her [SPOILER].

Ha. You thought I was gonna say something about what happens to her, huh? Nah, bruh.

Go read to find out.

– SpeakWhenItRains

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