Here’s to 2020 (And All It May Hold)

I just finished making a list.

Yes, I’ve checked it twice, but no, it’s not about Christmas.

I made a list of every little spin-off of Grazing the Sky so far, and it added up to over thirty separate stories. I knew I had quite a few in the works, but I didn’t think it’d be over 30!

I’ve been posting on Booksie daily (you can read here, if you’re interested), and sometimes I look at my view count and say “hot diddly damn”.

Okay, I don’t really say that, but I think it. And I thank every single one of my readers. I’m so excited to get up every morning (sometimes before the sun even rises) and tackle my 1,000 words a day. It takes me around 18 minutes, but I can thank the site 750words for that time-keeping.

I’m really excited for the new year. A bit sad, a bit dishearted because this year is ending, but damn what an amazing 2019 it’s been. I experienced love, heartbreak, and I learned my worth when it came to who I spent time with. I wrote, wrote, and wrote s’more. I took a break from music and am coming back to bass/guitar full force (getting better at bass is my New Year’s Resolution). I returned to martial arts (I have a black belt in TKD and Kenpo) and I plan on testing for my second degree in Oct of 2020, training for it almost daily (can you say ‘Happy Monday’? Break day, yo!)

All these things take a little time, each day. I’ve learned to pace myself, going after only what I can take until I reach 1,000 words, until I reach 20 minutes of guitar/bass, until I get through these forms or lift those weights for a few minutes. It’s a piece by piece process and I’m so excited to uncover the results.

The song for this post? Probably from my favorite bands, I’ll give you that.

Another year has come and gone again

Look around

And think where have you been.

That Time of Year – Sick Puppies

And as I take those words in, think about everything I’ve been through (just even over the last three years!), it’s been a hell of a ride. My darkest moments, my brightest successes, my everlasting mark on those around me. I have been, will always be kind.

I leave you with a poem, written November of last year.

Let’s finish this year with your heads held high and our fists raised higher. I’ll be with you all the way.