‘Eyes of Tomorrow’ – Broken Iris (Grazing the Sky Analysis #4)

Eyes of Tomorrow – Broken Iris

Small little whats-a-whose-it about this band. Very good, very unknown. This is just one song by them that fits into Grazing the Sky‘s universe!


More than once in this first book does Lance question his sanity. The first is when he is introduced, waking from a strange but disturbing nightmare (a tail grows from his spine shooting out his backside, if you wanna get specific, but that’s just a foreshadow of the events to come). He wakes, then begins to hear a voice. One coming from all directions, one warning of danger to come.

It is here our story begins.

So Lance is kidnapped from a hospital; so Lance awakes to find an inhuman ally. Zidane, half-Spiro and half-Razalek, promises him help. Promises his life to be saved. Lance has been injected with Spiro cells, after all, and it’s these cells that will be the death of him–if help isn’t found, now.

And it seems like Zidane is the only chance Lance has.

After this explanation, after seeing a tail on Zidane and a levitating napkin dispenser, Lance questions his own mind.

But, alas, something that Lance can’t explain is brought up.

And so, the adventure begins.

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There’s also a spin-off I’m writing where Lance awakens in a mental hospital… Things happen. It’s not finished yet (I have so many projects bouncing around already!)

In the mean time, why not give that little link a click?

Here it is again, just in case you missed it

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